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Steve LoBasso

Home: (503)925-1594
17051 SW Cobblestone Dr.
Sherwood, OR 97140
Home: (503)925-1594


2001 - Present
Mentor Graphics
  • Create multi-threaded hierarchical 2-color graph conflict visualization.
  • Design and implement multi-threaded code to calculate ASIC extraction information with dependent coupling data giving special consideration to minimizing memory overhead and scaling beyond 16 cores.
  • Maintain geometry scanning algorithms.
  • Develop and teach a 9 to 12 month curriculum for C++ training focusing on basic skills and advanced techniques. Instruct peers using this curriculum to improve skills and general code quality. Technical consultant for company-wide C++ training.
  • Create high performance STL-like policy based containers.
  • Design and implement a high performance IO library to handle large geometry data-sets with on-the-fly compression.
  • Maintain static timing analysis software written in C++ using STL running on several different variants of UNIX and Linux.
  • Maintained and implemented algorithms that make significant use of STL for very large data-sets and computationally intensive algorithms.
  • Create interface specifications for new features visible to hosts of library.
  • Design core code for results lifetime management of data from library to host program.
  • Design and implement C++ templates to refactor replicated code.
  • Create abstraction classes to allow usage of old and new C++ streams.
  • Implemented C++ STL allocator template to allow using custom heap for STL container secondary storage.
  • Add valgrind support to heap manager of library.
  • Port internal projects and STL extensions to other UNIX platforms and Windows VC++6 & .NET.
1999 - 2000
Media 100
  • System Architect: Designed and implemented a system to automate audio/video encoding using a cross platform render farm and workflow database.
  • Software Engineer: Implemented new features and maintained existing cross platform C/C++ code base for audio/video encoding software using SDKs for several multi-media encoding formats including QuickTime, WindowsMedia, MP3.
  • Software Engineer: Implemented/integrated cross platform C++ class hierarchy to convert proprietary file formats to XML.
  • Software Engineer: Optimized core compression/filter routines to utilize AltiVec vector processing instructions.
1993 - 1999
Digital Technology Int.
  • System Architect: Architect suite of newspaper workflow, layout, information management system in Java and C++.
  • Application Designer: Designed and implemented database graphics management suite.
  • Database Developer: Created and maintained client database applications, database configuration applications, asynchronous db connectivity classes in C++, Java JDBC applications.
  • Technical Lead: Port entire code base to PowerPC architecture requirements.
  • Project Lead: Designed and implemented an ftp client in C to automate file transfers.
  • Project Lead: Integrating third party text indexing libraries into database applications. Creating a seamless interface for database searches.
  • Core Code Engineer: Maintained existing application set consisting of over 40 applications.
  • Core Code Engineer: Implement Adobe InDesign Plugins in C++ for Windows 98/NT and Macintosh in C++.
1997 - 1997
  • Developed PPC optimized assembly routines for Sorenson QuickTime codec
1996 - 1996
Apple Computer Inc.
  • Developed PowerTalk/PowerShare Directory export application
1992 - 1993
System Integrators Inc.
  • Developed INIT/Driver allowing Mac-Tandem Communication w/TCP/IP
  • Developed INIT/CDEV/APPE for Apple Event Management
  • Developed Ad Flow Management Application using MacApp 3.0 in C++
  • Developed Ad Flow Administration Application using MacApp 3.0 in C++
  • Maintained C++ Class Libraries
1991 - 1992
Apple Computer Inc.
  • Developed Macintosh Applications
  • Designed and implemented an automated test tool architecture
  • Maintained and enhanced existing tools
  • Group spokes person in cross functional meetings
1989 - 1991
Dega Technology
  • Microsoft Windows 3.0 Application development
  • Technical Lead for Data Conversion Group
  • Designed and developed compiler/interpreter for VIN Description Language
  • Programmer for an on-line automotive parts catalog system
  • Unix Tools Development, Unix System Administration, Oracle
1989 - 1989
Twin Suns
  • Developed a presentation prototype for the Macintosh

Programming Language & Environment Experience

Programming Languages:

C++/C, Java, Perl, TCL/TK, SQL, Pascal, PowerPC Assembly, 680x0 Assembly, HTML, AppleScript, AltiVec, Basic, JavaScript, Fortran, 80x86 Assembly, 6502 Assembly, 370/380/3090 Assembly, Cobol


C++/C Standard Libraries, C++ STL, JDK 1.2, QuickTime SDK, Windows Media SDK, Macintosh Toolbox, AltiVec, Premiere Plugin, Oracle Libraries, Sybase DB/CT/CS Libraries, MacApp

Operating Systems:

Linux, Unix, MacOS, SunOS/Solaris, Windows 3/95/98/NT

Development Tools/Environments:

gcc, makefiles, lex & yacc, CVS, Metrowerks CodeWarrior, JBuilder, MPW, Macsbug, Visual C++, Realbasic, FaceSpan



Web Development:

HTML, Forms, JavaScript, Java, CGI, PHP

Database Development:

SQLite, Sybase SQL, SQL Anywhere, Oracle


California Polytechnic, San Luis Obispo
Bachelor of Science, Computer Science

Personal Projects

Scratch Games
Developed several clone games of classic games in the MIT Scratch programming environment. Useful as educational examples of what is possible in this environment.
Mic1/Mac1 Simulator
Developed a Mic1/Mac1 Simulator for the Macintosh with an integrated editor, simulator, Microcode assembler and dynamic machine code assembler.
Real-time Chat Client/Server
Developed a Unix distributed client server architecture for a real-time chat program using sockets. Written using Talk as a model.
AppleScript Scripting Additions
Developed many plugins for AppleScript in C to extend and optimize the AppleScript Language.
C Memory Tracer
Memory library to find leaks and corruption of memory blocks written in C as a replacement to malloc/free calls.
Educational Math Drills
Developed several applications designed to teach and reinforce math fundamentals for children.
Web Site Builder
Developed a set of applications designed to build a web site from database content and create minimal upload sets based on actual changes.
Several Realbasic Applications
Developed several applications using Realbasic including MacTimer, NxN-Cube Browser, Versioner, and a Logo-Like programming environment to help children learn programming.
Several Realbasic Utility Classes
Developed several utility classes in Realbasic including generalized Preferences, Scrolling Panes, Matrix Math, and Extensible Math Expression Evaluator.
Contributing Engineer for NEdit
NEdit is an open source multi-purpose text editor for the X Window System written in C using the Motif libraries. Contributions include enhancing the built in macro language to have associative arrays and completeness of macro interfaces.
Visual CVS diffs
A UNIX shell script that shows cvs diffs in xdiff, xxdiff, tkdiff, and vimdiff.